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 Post subject: 1134: You Choose: Cultural Selection
PostPosted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 7:13 am 
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Along the Food Chain with Michael Olson…

1134: Cultural Selection

Gavin Ehringer, Author, Leaving the Wild

What did we get by domesticating wild animals?

Way back in time, wild animals began showing up at our campfire and, after sniffing around a bit, asked if we would mind if they joined us at our fire.

After thinking about it for awhile, we said, “Sure, come join us!”

And so a bargain was struck: Animals would give up their wildness for our care, provisions and protection; in return, we would get companionship, food, labor, transportation, clothing, pest control and so much more.

The relationship that developed through that bargain has been managed through cultural selection. In the wild, selection was a natural process in which those fit enough to survive the elements were selected, those unfit passed into history.

But in culture, the selector is the value placed on the animal by its human protector. What the human values is selected, and what is not valued is not selected.

That bargain struck so long ago between we humans and our animals leads us to ask…

Why did animals and people decide to work together?

How did cultural selection determine how animals and people would work together ?

What does the future of our cultural selection portend for animals and people?

(Food Chain Radio #1134, Gavin Ehringer, author of Leaving the Wild, cultural selection, natural selection, domesticating animals, dogs, cats, cattle, horses)

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